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Refining NZ Interim Results

Our interim financial results for the six months ending 30 June, 2016 were announced on Tuesday 23 August.  To register and view the webcast please click on the image below.

We are New Zealand's only oil refinery and we have a reputation as one of Asia Pacific's safest and most reliable refineries.

So what is it exactly that we do?  To put it simply, crude oil bought by our customers is shipped to our deep-water port at Marsden Point, near Whangarei, where we refine it into high quality transport fuels for New Zealand.  And that's a big job.

We supply:

  • all of the country's jet fuel
  • nearly 80% of diesel
  • around half of all petrol
  • between 75 and 85% of bitumen for roading
  • all fuel oil for ships
  • sulphur for farm fertiliser
  • and we even put the fizz in fizzy drinks!

What we do - all day, everyday - helps keep New Zealand's economy buzzing and Kiwis going places. We were one of the first companies ever listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and today we are a solid investment for nearly 4000 small and corporate investors. We are a solid contributor to Northland's economy. We employ over 300 staff and for every job at the Refinery, we create another two in Northland and a further six across New Zealand.

We're proud to be supporting our country and we do it while caring greatly for:

  • The local environment
  • Our Northland community
  • Our people

In 2011 we celebrated 50 years of fuelling the country's needs and keeping New Zealanders on the move. Fifty years of refining is a major milestone for our business and we've come a long way since starting out in January 1961.

Our brand book explains more about who we are, why that's important and our commitments to our country, customers and shareholders, our people and community.

Join us on our journey to fuel New Zealand's future.

Crude Shipping Proposal

Refining NZ is proposing bringing bigger cargoes of crude into Marsden Point to reduce freight costs and improve the refinery's ability to compete with imported fuels. For this to be possible some harbour dredging and channel realignment may be required.

On the 9th and 10th of March we held a series of 'drop-in' information sessions, where Tangata Whenua and the public were able to talk directly with environmental and other experts about the studies they are to undertake, and to give their initial input on the proposal.



The information we presented is available here, along with our media releases on the consultation process:

Refinery seeks public views on bigger crude shipments

Feedback will help refine crude proposal

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