2018 Shutdown all done

The planned maintenance shutdown at the Marsden Point is now ‘done and dusted’ with all of the refinery’s processing units back to producing fuel products.

The successful completion of the first total refinery shutdown in 14 years is a significant achievement. At the peak of the shutdown we had around 1800 workers on site, working across multiple work fronts and in unseasonably cold weather.

Our team deserves credit for completing over 1700 jobs safely and to a high quality, including 2000 welds with less than a 1% failure rate, retrofitting the mid-section replacement of the high vacuum unit and re-lifing the hydrogen manufacturing unit – both challenging and complex “brownfield” retrofits.

Completing the 2018 shutdown set us up for the continued reliable and safe operation of our refinery and as a major hydrogen producer, for the development of a biofuels industry for New Zealand.