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Our Company

Refining NZ is the country’s only oil refinery and the leading supplier of refined petroleum products to the New Zealand market, including petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and other products.

We are a critical link in New Zealand’s energy infrastructure and a major economic and social contributor to the Northland region and our local community. Refining NZ has a reputation as one of Asia Pacific’s safest and most reliable refineries.

In today’s world of increasing environmental awareness, we are conscious of our responsibilities in terms of environmental sustainability and are committed to protecting the refinery’s unique environment at the mouth of the beautiful Whangarei Harbour. Our high standards are reflected in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 third-party certification.

As a critical piece of national energy infrastructure, we are responsible for supplying:

  • all the country’s jet fuel
  • around 67% of diesel
  • around 58% of all petrol
  • all fuel oil for ships
  • sulphur for farm fertilizer
  • CO2 for the carbonated drinks industry

We are a proud contributor to the Northland economy. With a staff of close to 300, and strong relationships with local contracting companies, Refining NZ is proud of the contribution we make to the local community, the Northland region and the New Zealand economy.

Refining NZ is an NZX top 50 listed company with around 5000 private and corporate investors. Major oil companies BP, Mobil and Z Energy are significant shareholders and well as our largest customers.


Our role in fuelling New Zealand

Crude oil bought by our customers is shipped to our deep-water port at Marsden Point, near Whangarei for refining into high-quality transport fuels. As a toll refiner, we process a range of crude oils imported from offshore markets to produce premium and regular petrol, diesel, aviation and kerosene and fuel oils for our oil company customers.

Most of our fuel production travels via our purpose-built 170-kilometre pipeline to Wiri in South Auckland for storage and distribution by road. The balance is transported by coastal tanker to destinations throughout New Zealand.