We partner with our community and Iwi on environmental and education projects

Our commitment to the community is built around keeping residents up-to-date with our activities and partnerships focused on supporting environmental, health and safety, and education initiatives.

We proudly partner with a number of local organisations.

We enjoy a special relationship with Patuharakeke Te Iwi

Our relationship with Patuharakeke is recognised by a longstanding Memorandum of Understanding. At the core of that relationship is a focus on environmental responsibility and helping Patuharakeke’s tertiary scholars to realise their education aspirations.

We keep our neighbours up-to-date

We alert our neighbours to key activity at the refinery through regular updates to our Facebook page. For our wider community, The Marsden Point Liaison Committee is the principal forum for updates on our environmental performance and other activities, such as our planned maintenance shutdowns.

Additionally, we’ve published a safety case detailing the major hazards and the safety management systems we have in place to continue to run our refinery safely. An easy-to-read summary lets neighbours know what to do and who to contact in an event. This is outlined in our Safety Case.