We work hard to achieve strong economic performance by growing our revenue

We aspire to be the manufacturing and supply partner of choice for New Zealand. To get us there we are pursuing initiatives that will grow revenue and contribute to our ability to compete with overseas refiners.

Improving profitability via small to medium margin initiatives

We have a ‘funnel’ of business improvement ideas capable of lifting our performance across our refining business, the fuels supply chain and our offering to customers. A number of these small to medium growth ideas are underway or being pursued.

Increasing our access to natural gas

The installation of the First Gas compressor on the northern gas pipeline doubled our access to natural gas and has allowed us to make more product for our customers. Cleaner burning natural gas has also lessened the impact of our operations on the local environment.

improving freight economics via larger cargoes to Marsden Point

We have recently been granted resource consents for our proposal to bring crude to the refinery in cargoes of around one million barrels. This follows broad-ranging consultation with Tangata Whenua, community stakeholders and the general public.Increasing capacity on the Refinery Auckland Pipeline (RAP)

Retaining sufficient capacity on the fuel pipeline to Auckland is crucial to matching demand, as Auckland grows.

Our three-phase project to increase pipeline capacity by around 15% was completed in December 2020, phases one and two completed (lifting pressure, adding a pump at the Kumeu Intermediate Pump station) in 2017. Phase three completed in late 2020. Looking ahead, adding three new pump stations could be expected to lift throughput on the pipeline by a further 40%.