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We are a cornerstone of New Zealand’s energy infrastructure

As New Zealand’s only oil refinery, we ensure a reliable source of fuel for the country, meeting around 70% of New Zealand’s fuel needs.

As a key contributor in New Zealand’s fuel supply chain, we supply:

  • all of the country’s jet fuel
  • around 67% of diesel
  • around 58% of all petrol
  • all fuel oil for ships
  • sulphur for farm fertiliser

The Refinery to Auckland Pipeline (RAP) is a critical part of the fuel supply chain

The RAP is a 250mm wide pipe carrying diesel, petrol and jet fuel in controlled batches under farmland, towns and part of the Manukau Harbour to the Wiri fuel terminal in South Auckland. A small pipeline from Wiri supplies Jet fuel to Auckland International Airport.

The 170-kilometre pipeline is buried along the entire route and carries a potential volume of nine million litres. Most of the refinery’s production is distributed via the RAP. The balance is transported by coastal tanker and road to the rest of New Zealand.