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Our continued aspiration is to be the supplier of choice for our customers

To be the supplier of choice we need to deliver on our business strategy, which is supported by five key pillars.

Deliver a world-class health and safety performance

We are one of a few high-hazard units in the country and have robust management processes to keep our refinery running safely.

Deliver a world-class environmental performance

We are conscious of our responsibility for minimising the impact of our operations on the surrounding environment. We are continually looking to lift our environmental performance and have the facilities and management processes to minimise the impact of our activities.

Build on our quality and reliability of our customer promise

We can influence our customers’ decision whether to make product at Marsden Point or import from overseas by providing a compelling proposition based on quality, reliability and price.

Improve our competitiveness

Delivering value for our customers means managing our costs and looking to produce more high-value products from the same barrel of crude oil. Harnessing innovation from inside and outside the business continues to provide opportunities to improve our business delivery.

Embed a high-performance culture

A strong workplace culture, built on shared values, staff being recognised, rewarded and given development opportunities are core to our people and capability strategy. At the same time, fostering the diversity of outlook and experience in our workplace supports innovation, better decision-making and results.