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We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Refining NZ take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and we work closely with our community and local Iwi to ensure we are protecting the coastline and land upon which we operate.

We were recently granted a 35-year resource consent to continue operating a heavy-industrial site at Marsden Point.  The length of our resource consent underlines our commitment to our community and to operating at this site over the long-term.

The conditions of our consent include strict protections to maintain the high environmental standards that we have in place at Marsden Point.  Our consent conditions will ensure that we are operating in an environmentally responsible way, and that we have strict environmental protections in place, now and with any future operations that take place on our site.

To reach this point, Refining NZ has undertaken an extensive assessment of the environmental impacts associated with continued operations at Marsden Point.  This included a detailed assessment of the effects of our activities on the harbour, land, air quality and the surrounding community.  We have some further testing that we are still doing, to make sure that we have a complete picture of what our impact is.

We have strong environmental management systems in place to ensure that we understand and manage risks to health, or the wider environment, of our past, present, and future operations.

The impact of our operations on the environment will decrease over time, should we cease operating our processing plant and refinery; we will not stop our environmental management measures.

For many of our team, based up at Marsden Point, this is their community too, so we have a strong personal commitment to preserving and protecting the natural environment around us.

Our Environmental management systems

Refining NZ’s robust environmental management systems are designed to ensure our past, current, and future operations will continue to have minimal impact on the environment around us.

These systems include:

  • Regular monitoring of our groundwater well network to measure hydrocarbon contamination under the site.
  • Monitoring of the 36 wells around our boundary. This provides a good picture of the groundwater quality leaving our site.
  • Use of recovery wells which contain and reduce hydrocarbon contamination under the site.
  • Management of earthworks and site disturbance in accordance with our Ground Contamination Management Plan.
  • Assessment of soils during works where they are potentially contaminated to determine if the soil is suitable for use on site.
  • A robust permit to work system, which requires us to put in place controls to minimise risk to our workers and the environment. All work on site requires a permit to work.
  • Clean up and remediation of leaks or spillages on site.
  • An awareness of historic site practices which ensures adequate environmental controls are in place prior to the execution of any significant works on site.

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