Te Mahi Hou

Te Mahi Hou is a great Northland story, an example of our importance to the region and the pride we take in producing high-quality fuel for New Zealand. Completed on budget and ahead of time by New Zealand contractors, Te Mahi Hou has enabled the refinery to compete with Asia Pacific rivals twice our size.

The project replaced original petrol making plant (semi regeneration platformer) in operation since 1964 with new CCR (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) technology. The project has brought many benefits to our refining business, to our community and to shareholders:

  • Petrol production has lifted by two million barrels to around 13 million a year.
  • COemissions have reduced by around 120,000 tonnes a year
  • Gross refining margins and cash flows have increased.
  • The frequency of planned maintenance on the platformer unit has been pushed out from 18 months to six years.
  • Improved our flexibility to process more light crudes.

Of the $365 million total investment, $128 million was spent in Northland.

  • 14 Northland contracting companies and 650 contractors were employed, working on and off the refinery site.
  • 6574 tonnes of sophisticated new plant and structural steel was fabricated and assembled.