The Refinery to Auckland Pipeline was built in 1985 to transfer fuel to Auckland

The pipeline was built as part of the Refinery expansion project. Product began flowing down the pipeline in July 1985.

  • The pipeline operates under a mandatory Certificate of Fitness issued by an accredited Inspection Body on a five yearly basis with annual surveillance audits for compliance and demonstration of its Integrity Management System
  • The pipeline ends at the oil terminal at Wiri, South Auckland
  • The pipeline is 250mm in diameter, and is buried for the entire 170 kilometres to Wiri. There are two Intermediate Pumping Stations – IPS1 at Wellsford and IPS2 situated in Kumeu
  • The pipeline holds approximately nine million litres of product
  • Regular, Premium, Diesel and Jet fuel are pumped down the line one after the other
  • There is some mixing at the interface which can be switched into special tanks at Wiri for blending later
  • Automotive fuel products are distributed throughout Auckland and beyond by road tanker from the Wiri terminal
  • A pipeline from Wiri supplies Jet fuel directly to Auckland International Airport


RAP Capacity Upgrade

Our upgrade aims to lift capacity on the pipeline in three stages, with an expected increase in overall throughput of around 15% by 2019. This upgrade has been underpinned by a major engineering study carried out by international pipeline experts.

Phase 1 in August 2017 increased the pipeline’s operating pressure within the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) envelope for the pipeline.

Phase 2 in November 2017 installed a second pump at our Kumeu intermediate pumping station.

Phase 3 completed in December 2020 has lifted capacity a further 5% and added to the system reliability by installing a third pump at Marsden.